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About Locate A Beauty School

Are you seeking information about whether cosmetology school is right for you? Are you interested in finding more information about the choices of beauty school in your area? Check out some of the information compiled here for assistance in making this big decision.

We are proud to provide information and directory services for educational facilities in all the major areas of cosmetology, including barber schools and beauty schools, and places specializing in spa services, laser hair removal, makeup artistry, nail services, and more.

Essential Beauty School Stats

Unlike so many other industries, cosmetology is one field that has not seen a downturn thanks to recent economic hardships.
In fact, these statistics indicate that there is still ample employment to be found in the field:
  • A 2010 analysis from the spa and beauty services industry estimated that there were somewhere around 739,042 salons, spas, and barber shops in operation in the United States.
  • Employment of skin care specialists is projected to increase by more than 38% between now and the end of 2018.
  • Jobs as personal appearance workers are also projected to increase significantly, by 20% before the end of 2018. This is a much greater percentage than in most other occupations.

The 2007 NACCAS Job Demand Survey offers another set of statistics:

  • Since 2003, the number of salons in the U.S. has risen by 18%.
  • The number of chairs and workstations hasn’t really changed.
  • The number of new hires is down by 15%.
Common Q & A

Is cosmetology school the right choice for me and my career?

For anyone seeking a career in this rewarding and ever-expanding field, an education from a cosmetology school or hair college is vital for obtaining both the skills and certifications required for employment.

Is cosmetology easier or harder than traditional 4-year colleges?

Going to beauty school will take much less time, and be much more focused on practical skills, which means that most folks find it to be much less of a burden.

How do I choose a beauty school?

You will want to consult our directory to find a school that is in your geographic area. Look at accreditation, certification programs, curriculum, and financial aid, and factor in each of these points as you make your decision.

How do I find a good cosmetology or barber school in my area?

Using our directory is the best way to locate a school and also obtain their contact information.

What are some of the top beauty schools out there?

There are many different kinds of schools in this field, including hair schools, nail schools, massage therapy schools, makeup schools, and more. Consult our directory for more information on good schools in your area.

Are there online education options for cosmetology?

Some beauty schools do offer distance education options. Information is listed with individual schools in our database.

What kind of training is offered in beauty schools?

The training you will receive will focus on the practical skills necessary not only to perform the job, but also stay on top of certification requirements.

What kind of training do I need to become a nail technician?

There are different options for nail technician schools around the country. Most of these programs are very brief and will result in certification. Consult our database for more information.

What kind of training do I need to become a makeup artist?

Working as a makeup artist is rewarding work, but it does require some formal training. Schools with makeup programs are noted in our directory.

How much does beauty school cost?

The cost is variable from one school to the next, but will be significantly less than a four-year or even a community college.

Is there financial aid available for cosmetology school?

Many beauty schools will offer financial aid or student loan options. Use our directory to find schools with these options.

What does it mean when a beauty school says it is accredited?

Typically, accreditation is necessary for certification. As a general rule, you’ll want to try to find a school that’s accredited in order to ensure your chances of finding work after graduation.

What are the pros and cons of going to an accredited school?

Going to an accredited school is invaluable; there are no downsides, as accredited schools are simply much more likely to provide you with certification and with employment opportunities.

Do I have to have a high school diploma or a GED to get into beauty school?

This varies from state to state. Look up the specific requirements for your state, as some do require a diploma or GED, but many others do not.

What are my state's laws about licensure and certification?

This is something else that varies on a state-by-state basis. Our database notes schools that provide certification options for the state they are in.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a massage therapist?

Some brief training at one of the massage therapist schools listed in our database is typically mandatory.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, contact us at info@locateabeautyschool.comTop

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